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Chairman Frank Ning Visits Sinochem Branch Companies in Thailand

Date:2017-03-06 Source:Sinochem Int'l

On February 20th and 22th, Mr. Frank Ning, Chairman of Sinochem Group visited Bangkok and Suratthani for an inspection on Sinochem Farm Care (Thailand) and TBH in Thailand respectively, which are two subsidiaries under Sinochem International, a listed company controlled by Sinochem Group, learning about the status quo on site, looking in the Chinese and foreign employees there. Mr. Feng Zhibin, Vice President of Sinochem Group, President of Chemical Engineering Business Department, Chairman of Sinochem International Corporation accompanied the investigation.

On February 20th at the Sinochem Farm Care (Thailand), Mr. Frank Ning debriefed relevant report on pesticides business status quo and development strategy, inquired in detail about the team’s requirements and suggestions for the headquarters. He fully affirmed the persistence and hard work of the first line employees over the years and extended his gratitude for their sparing no effort in exploring overseas market. Mr. Frank Ning noted that Sinochem Group would continuously enhance efforts in R&D, further enrich product category, continue to improve product quality, and provide vigorous support guarantee for overseas market exploration. He encouraged the team to strengthen benchmark with international first class companies, to learn about rivals comprehensively, study the market condition deeply, and make sure we know ourselves and our competitors.  

On February 22th at TBH, Mr. Frank Ning made a field visit to the rubber processing plant, learning about how its operation, raw material procurement and cost control among others. He stressed to follow closely the market, start with the two ends of raw material procurement and product sale, and adjust flexibly the buying and selling strategy to hedge market risks. Mr. Frank Ning also heard reports from principal of Hesheng Group on business development after Sinochem International Corporation, GMG and Hesheng Group’s integration. Mr. Frank Ning expressed his satisfaction over the work results of three companies’ integration, encouraging the rubber business team to incessantly explore new business modes, enrich the layout in the rubber industry chain so that competiveness could be further enhanced.