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SYRICI Emerges as a “Versatile” Professional Undertaker for Hazardous Waste Identification

Date:2017-07-17 Source:SYRICI

Recently, Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry (“SYRICI” for short, a subsidiary of Sinochem) is entrusted by Tiexi Factory of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. to identify waste lime in coating workshop, and issues a 121-page authoritative Report on Hazard Characteristics Identification. This report gets official reply from Solid Waste Management Center of Liaoning Province, and the attribute of subject matter changes from hazardous waste to general solid waste. As calculated at market price, Tiexi Factory of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. will reduce waste treatment cost by 5000-6000 yuan/ton.

In recent years, SYRICI independently taps into hazardous waste identification business, and emerges as one of the few “versatile” professional identification agencies in China. It boasts strong ability to identify six dangerous characteristics of hazardous waste, namely, flammability, corrosiveness, reactiveness, acute toxicity screening, leaching toxicity and toxic substance content.

Hazardous waste identification is widely applied in automotive industry, pharmaceuticals industry, pesticide industry, chemical industry, among others. At present, through independent technical means, SYRICI not only masters identification methods for oil and biochemical sludge, solid waste from pharmaceutical bacterial slag, pesticide-originated effluent salt, automotive paint spray residue and other different types of hazardous waste, but also guarantees the high accuracy of test methods and measurement data.