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Sinochem E&P CQ Shale Gas Project Acquired High Gas Production

Date:2017-07-24 Source:Sinochem E&P


Project working site 

Well Zu202 ignition site

On July 15, Sinochem E&P Chongqing Shale Gas Project brought good news: a deep shale gas Well Zu202 which was structured and deployed in Xishan of the project’s Yuxi Block acquired a high yield of 49,000 cubic meters/day after vertical shaft fracturing. This was a significant progress for deep shale gas exploration and development in Yuxi Block.

Well Zu202 drilling work started on October 4 last year and finished on May 28, 2017. The depth of the well is 3,980 meters and reservoir Ⅰ+Ⅱ thickness is 36.8 meters by well logging interpretation. Vertical shaft fracturing operation started on July 7. Fracturing phaseⅠwas implemented by Longmaxi-Wufeng group. A total of 2,232 cubic meters of liquid and 81.68 tons of sand were injected. On July 10, liquid flow discharge of the well began, and lasted for 3 days. On July 13, test was conducted via splitter under a 25.75-26.49 MPa pressure with use of a 4 mm glib, DANIEL flow-meter and 1.75 inch (44.45 mm) pore plate. Over a period of 46.5 hours, there finally came the result of 49,000 cubic meters/day high yield gas production as announced. On July 16, liquid outlets began to show intermittent streams of returning liquid. The total quantity of liquid which should be discharged was 2,220.98 cubic meters, of which 331.24 cubic meters was discharged and 1,889.74 cubic meters remained. The flow-back rate was 14.91%.

This well shows a bright prospect for shale gas exploration in Yuxi Block and has important significance for Sinochem E&P Chongqing Shale Gas Project. Also it is a positive progress for China’s deep shale gas exploration and development.