Sinochem Agriculture Holdings (abbr. Sinochem Agriculture) was established in 2015 as a fully funded subsidiary of Sinochem Group based on our advantage as the largest agriculture input enterprise in China.

Starting from "Agriculture Service" that could help planters achieve sustainable revenue, Sinochem Agriculture is dedicated to become a leading modern agriculture comprehensive solution provider honored with the tasks of facilitating agricultural modernization, increasing planters' revenue, maintaining food security of the state, safeguarding food safety, and building beautiful countryside by drawing on modern agricultural technological innovation and application. During this process, "planting techniques" will take the lead while "agriculture financing" and "agriculture products sales" will be the two indispensable components, which will break the development bottleneck faced by modern agricultural operators with closed-circle system and model innovation.

Core businesses of Sinochem Agriculture are popularization of planting integration solutions, full range land trust, formula customization for agro inputs, agricultural mechanization support, full range technological follow-up, farm produce sales, contract farming, food bank, agricultural digitalization, agricultural credit and loans, agriculture financial leasing, agricultural insurance and investment, etc. Sinochem Agriculture is also engaged in the businesses of low to medium yield field upgrade, soil improvement, targeted agricultural demonstration, and resource utilization of agricultural waste.

Sinochem Agriculture now has business operations in Northeast China, Northwest China, and Southwest China, and also establishes branches in major granary provinces and counties. With household farms, specialized breeding farms, farmers cooperative society, and leading enterprises in agriculture industrialization as our major customers, Sinochem Agriculture engages in the building of large scale modern agriculture demonstration farm for conducting localized agricultural technology R&D, popularization, and comprehensive service, facilitating the realization of the sustainable development of modern agriculture in China.

Contact Information

Address:Room 818, Central   Tower ,  Chemsunny   World   Trade   Center , 28 FuxingmenneiStreet, Xicheng District,  Beijing 100031