Sinochem Oil Co., Ltd., established in May 1988, is a subsidiary of Sinochem Group specializing in petroleum trade with strong competitiveness as well as sound international recognition. The company focuses on trading and distribution of crude oil and oil products, and oil tanker transportation. It mainly deals in import and export of crude oil, gasoline, diesel oil, aviation kerosene and fuel oil, and also in a variety of businesses including international transit trade, processing trade, domestic trade distribution, futures and paper hedging, agent service for and independent running of crude oil tankers and product carriers.

Replying on good relation with the governments and national petroleum companies of many oil producing countries, the company has taken control of overseas long-run resources of 20 million t/a, and had its international transit markets and customers widely distributed in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, etc., making it able to provide quality crude oil and professional services for customers from both home and abroad. In addition, the company conduct all-around development of product oil business by making use of both domestic and overseas markets, both national and international resources as well as the advantage of the integrated operation both at home and abroad, vigorously develops its product oil distribution business through the distribution networks in North, East, South and Central China, takes charge of export of product oil from WEPEC and actively pushes forward import and international transit of product oil. Moreover, the company also actively develops transportation businesses closely related to the petroleum trade to provide China’s import and third-country transit customers with convenient and efficient chartering service, and keeps enlarging the scale of the fleet of its independently running tankers by various means, such as chartering of tankers.

In the future, the company will speed up its development and continue to strengthen its ability for sustainable development with domestic and overseas refineries as its supporting points, logistic service facilities as its basis, crude and product oil marketing as its core competitiveness, and with its guarantee deeply rooted in its excellent team of talented and creative people, their keen insight into the industry trends, their efficient planning implementation capability and their quick market reform capability.

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