Sinochem Sinopec Shanghai Orient Petrochemical Terminal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SOTCO) is a joint venture enterprise which is mainly held by Sinochem Group and invested by Sinochem Group, Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company and Hongkong Rillfung Company Ltd. etc. SOTCO is one of the major oil enterprises of Sinochem. The total investment of SOTCO has topped to US$ 33.3 million, and it started business in March of 1992. SOTCO is mainly engaged in the storage, transshipment, distribution, truck filling and bonded storage service for liquid petrochemical products.

SOTCO is located within the Yangtze River Economical Delta Zone, where is the most potential market, along Shanghai Pudong New Area. SOTCO is one of the largest commercial petrochemical terminals along the Yangtze River. Moreover, SOTCO is the only modern commercial company of the storage services for oil and petrochemical products in Shanghai. The most advanced transportation network, the most potential petrochemical market and the perfect bonded facilities accelerate your access to the market of China.

We comply with the conception of teamworkship, efficiency, service and reputation for our business and management. We provide our customers with perfect services. In September of 2003, SOTCO got the Certificate of ISO9001 QMS and the Certificate of OHSAS 18001, while in September of 2005, SOTCO got the Certificate of ISO14001 EMS, that made SOTCO the first to form the IMS management system among the same industry. We have advanced and perfect computer network system to provide our customers with accurate, smooth, convenient and perfect services.

We provide customers with the storage, transshipment, distribution, truck filling and bonded storage service, etc. for petrochemical products, as well as the assistant equipment of heating, heat preservation, nitrogen-blanketing, freezing and testing. Meanwhile, we take 24 hours of perfect service for all operations in the tank area.

SOTCO deals with 103 kinds of petrochemical and oil products including Carbolic Acid, Ethylene glycol, Butylether, and Andtetrachloromethane, etc. of six kinds of poison. The product kinds are:

1.Oil: Diesel Oil, Petrol, Coal oil, Fuel Oil, Lubricating oil, Vegetable Oil, etc.

2.Petrochemical: Hydrocarbons, Acid, Benzenes, Alcohols, Ester, Hydroxybenzene, Ketone, etc.

If you choose SOTCO, it means you also choose:

1. A stable base of raw material supplying: SOTCO has its own jetty with two berths to offer 24 hours service, and the strict management guarantees the accuracy of the quantity and quality of the products.

2. Reliable trading transshipment center: SOTCO is a professional third party logistics storage company, with no severe accidents during over a decade of years. SOTCO has experienced staff to provide customers with perfect services.

3.Professional bonded logistics warehouse: The bonded warehouse of SOTCO is permitted by Customs Authority, and we offer convenient services of examination and approving procedures and professional boned service.

Since the foundation of SOTCO, we have offered perfect storage services for more than 100 domestic customers with our abundant experience of the storage of petrochemical products.

Moreover, SOTCO has established a long term business relationship with a lot of famous petrochemical companies in Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. In recent years, SOTCO has become No.1 of the East China market possession rate and the business achievements among the commercial storage industry. The business types of products are over 100. In addition, the number of berthing ships, the throughput of cargo and the business income is individually reaching a new point.

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