Sinochem Yangzhou Petrochemical Terminal Co., Ltd. is a third-party petrochemical storage and logistics company established with the capital from Sinochem Corporation and Nanjing Port Group for the purpose of strategical development. Stock proportion of Sinochem International Industry Co., Sinochem International Oil ( Bahamas) Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Port Co., Ltd is respectively 35%, 25% and 40%. Sinochem Yangzhou was registered and set up in Yangzhou on Dec. 23, 2005.

There is about 1000 meter deepwater shore line in Yizheng section of Yangtze River and is the best deepwater shore line for the construction of deepwater harbor at middle and lower reaches of the north bank of Yangtze River. Sinochem Yangzhou Petrochemical Terminal Co., Ltd. is currently the biggest third-party petrochemical logistics company in Yangzhou with perfect appliances. Construction of the project is under the thought of Program collectively, design wholly, construct in steps and implement in phase. The first project covers an area of 235 acres. There are 2 docks for petroleum and liquefied chemicals with 3 berths (the biggest 40,000 tons). Ships ranging from 300 – 47,500 tons with dangerous petrochemicals can be docked here the whole year. Tank capacity is 236,000 M3 with 54 tanks of different capacities and the annual turnover capacity of tanks is 1,620,000 tons. Annual turnover capacity of the docks is 2,900,000 tons. It was started from Year 2006, planned to be tested run in May, 2009 and can provide storage and quality service in various oil products and liquefied chemicals.

In the near future, by following the strategic program of SINOCHEN and Nanjing Port Group, we will continuously develop Sinochem Yangzhou to be a third-party petrochemical logistics storage base with international service standard.

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