Sinochem Zhuhai Petrochemical Terminal Co., Ltd. constructs 80,000 tonnage public petrochemical dock with annual transferring capacity of 15,600,000 ton, oil terminals of 1,500,000 cubic meters and chemical warehouse of 300,000 cubic meters in Zhuhai Gaolan Harbor Industrial District with 1,335 meters dock line and 650,000 square meters usufruct of storage, which is national hinge harbor, first-class exoteric bank and Heavy Petrochemical Industrial Base and Petrochemical Plant in Guangdong Province. The total investment is 1,900,000,000 RMB. It will be the largest international third party petrochemical logistic base in south China and it will provide to customers abroad and home with storage and transferring service of fuel oil, product oil and liquefied chemicals.

Sinochem Zhuhai 80,000 tonnage port and 180,000 m³ oil terminals are completed in July,2007. The port is 705 meters long and 42 meters wide with two 80,000 tonnage berths and four 5000 tonnage berths. It can berth 7 or 8 ships of different kinds of oil tankers and petrochemical carriers ranging from 80,000 tonnage to 1,000 tonnage. The loading/discharging capability is 2200 ton/hour for fuel oil, 1,800 ton/hour for product oil, 500 ton/hour for liquefied chemicals. Annual handing capability is 15,600,000 ton.

With international specialty and hardware establishments, we strive to provide to customers abroad and home with excellent service.

Storage Categories

Oil products: fuel oil, product oil, lubricant, asphaltum and etc.

Liquefied chemicals: hydrocarbon, acid, aromatics, alcohol, ester, hydroxybenzene, ketone and etc.

Liquefied hydrocarbon: liquid oil gas, propane, butane and etc.

Service Range

Public Petrochemical Dock: providing loading, discharging and transshipping services to goods such as oil, liquefied chemicals and liquefied hydrocarbon.

Petrochemical Tank Farms: providing warehousing, transshipping, bonding, blending, measuring and testing services to oil and liquefied chemicals.

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