Sinochem Modern Environmental Chemical Industrial ( Xi’an)Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Xi’an Environmental Chemical) is a shareholding high-tech industrial entity, co-established by Sinochem Corporation (holding corporation) and Xi’an Modern Chemical Research Institution; it specializes in the research and manufacture of HFC-134a (a environmental substitute for ozonosphere depletion substance (ODS)) and related organic fluorin products and catalysts.

It is the sole HFC -134a manufacturer of independent intellectual property rights for the implementation of Nation Plan of Gradually Eliminating Ozonosphere Depletion Substance, the drafter of HFC-134a national standards. In addition, it is the largest domestic HFC-134a manufacturer, winner of Ozonosphere Protection Award by both UN Environment Program and National Environmental Protection Bureau and also the title of Manufacturer of Ozonosphere Substitute of Ozonosphere Protection International Convention.


JINCOOL® HFC -134a is a winner of one world patent and three national patients; with a ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero, it is of excellent property, innocuous, colorless, tasteless, inflammable and non-explodable, the best environmental substitute for CFC-12 recognized by the world so far.

JINCOOL® HFC-134a may serve as cold-producing medium in auto air-conditioner, refrigerator, central air-conditioner, commercial refrigeration and also aerosol propeller, combustion obstructer, vesicant and the like in medicine, pesticide, cosmetics, cleanser and the like. For its outstanding property and high quality, it is well acclaimed by numerous customers both at home and abroad. The company has a sound system of quality control, and has succeeded in passing the quality certification of ISO 9001, 2000, ISO/TS 16949, 2002, ISO 14001, 2004, GB/T 28001, 2001. At present, the products of the company have undergone the inspection of many authorities and manufacturers both at home and abroad.

With an annual producing capacity of 10,000 tons of HFC-134a, the company is planning to set up a new manufacture site in Taicang of Jiangsu Province; by estimate, the annual output will amount to 30, 000 tons, a site of No. 1 at home and considerable importance across the world. A 200-ton/annum HFC-125 plant was put to production smoothly. A series of fluorochemicals including HFC-134a (for medical uses), HFC-143a、HCFC-133a、HFC-161、HFC-227ea were also developed.

At the very forefront of China’s cause of ozonosphere protection, Xi’an Environmental Chemical takes as its own responsibility the role of regulating and leading the industry of HFC -134a , aims to “create first-rate products, services and China’s own brand”; it is endeavoring to make JINCOOL® a world-famous fluorine brand and become an important global base of organic fluorine products research and development.

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