DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals Limited (DSP) is a global joint venture between Sinochem Group and DSM with its production and R&D bases distributed in Europe, America and Asia. DSP has been a leader in the market of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for β-lactam anti-infectives, and achieved great progress in enzymatic synthesis for key active ingredients in the fields of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and other major diseases.

With long-term R&D experience , DSP now has rich inventory of strains for pharmaceutical R&D and many international patents, and possesses independent intellectual property rights over screening and construction of efficient strains with genetic engineering technology, technology and process of fermentation and immobilized enzymes, as well as technology of separation and purification. Moreover, with an integrated development platform featuring efficient biocatalysis technology, the company is a global paragon in energy conservation, emission reduction, clean production and environmental protection.

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