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Busy Man-Ma Deyou

Date:2006-06-23 Source:


He still writes emails to discuss market exploration at midnight.

He awakens you by a call when it is not yet eight o’clock in the morning of Saturday and excitedly talks about his new ideas about expanding businesses.

He discusses with you about business details during the holidays of Spring Festival, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, National Day, etc.

Haunting of his calls and emails never end for accomplishing a task as soon as possible.

He, dubbed “Busy Man Ma”, is Ma Deyou, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem International Rubber Dept. Since taking over natural rubber project, Ma Deyou and his colleagues have never had a good rest.

In July 2004, Ma Deyou and his colleague LV Qinghua started their “self-driving tour” on the rugged country road in Hainan by an old jeep.

One day, they visited two rubber farmers and a small rubber processing factory. It was past one o'clock pm when they arrived at Daan Township. There had been almost no diners in the few small restaurants dispersing on both sides of the only “street”, which told them the food were sold out. At last, hungry Ma Deyou stepped into a small restaurant and went into the kitchen to get 2 tomatoes and 3 cucumbers by him. No one could persuade him to leave.

Ma Deyou was not only busy talking business in the day but fighting with mosquitoes at night. The township reception houses in the hinterland of Hainan have very poor accommodation conditions and very few guests. Weeds out of the window are of half a person’s height and mosquitoes are shockingly large, as local people said “three mosquitoes can cook a dish”. Once Ma Deyou lived in Baisha County Reception House and was so concentrated in the materials collected in the day that he forgot to beat off the mosquitoes and got bites all over the body. Ma Deyou asked the servers to light up mosquito incenses, but the incenses made him dizzy before keeping off the mosquitoes.

In this way, Ma Deyou spent more than one month around Wuzhi Mountain and along Wanquan River. He and colleagues visited more than 100 people ranging from grassroots government, leaders of agricultural enterprises to rubber farmers and venders, possessing the first-hand upstream information in rubber supply chain.

With the correct first-hand market information, Sinochem International started its bold undertaking of natural rubber: Hainan Sinochem Anlian Co., Ltd. was founded on Dec 8, 2004; Xishuangbanna Sinochem Anlian Co., Ltd. was founded on Aug 8, 2005; Hainan Sinochem Chengxin Co., Ltd. was founded on Mar 8, 2006.

Through only 18 months, Sinochem International became a natural rubber manufacturer integrating rubber planting, processing and sales and built up its important position in the industry.

In March 2006, “Busy Man” Ma Deyou was “at leisure” in Xishuangbanna with beautiful scenery. He lived in Manlongmai Village, Gasa County, Jinghong City for more than 1 week. It seems that he drank tea and chatted door-to-door, he is more anxious than everyone about the land requisition for 150 Chinese mu’ Jinghong Rubber Factory, a signal enterprise of Sinochem natural rubber project. Villagers are the first and the most difficult pass.

Dai villagers are unsophisticated by nature but their conflicting emotions are strong when hearing the factory will cut the gumwoods of some villagers. Because Dai villagers are minority and the governmental policies are “Stability First, Development Secondary”, administrative requisition will bring many adverse effects on the factory construction and production in the future.

Ma Deyou is quite clear of the importance of touching people in heart. In the village, Ma Deyou and his colleagues lived there and talked daily life, rubber and output with villagers, often for a whole morning. Villagers gradually liked the friendliness, kindness and ideas of these Sinochem people from Shanghai. On a noon, Ma Deyou received 5 eggs from villager Bohanwenxiang, who said: You are so kind and we have nothing but the eggs for your lunch. The honest words of villagers deeply moved Ma Deyou and also made him see the light of requisition.

On March 28, through three villagers’ meetings, Manlongmai village is unanimous in the factory building, which means the villager pass has been through. Ma Deyou gave a sign of relief on hearing the news…

Today, Jinghong Rubber Factory is under intense construction. It seems the “idle” days of Ma Deyou will come to an end.