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Xiao Song and Her Mild Life

Date:2006-06-13 Source:

In Sinochem International, most people are engaged in specific work, just as a screw in a machine. Although the screws are small and light, their functions are indispensable to the operation of the “machine” of Sinochem International.

My colleague Song Chunmiao is a common employee and we call her Xiao Song. Xiao Song has been transferred among Rubber Department, Plastics Department, Agricultural Department, etc. and finally arranged in Petrochemical Department. However, Xiao Song and her work were not affected at all by the frequent transfers. At whatever positions, she will study and consult others carefully and not overlook any details.

I had asked Xiao Song, “Will you feel troubled by the frequent position transfers”. She smiled, “it makes no difference which position to work on and the important is to do a good job”. The attitude of working for the collective is reflected in her bright laughter.

Accounting work is preoccupied with trifles or petty details. Except making invoices, payment and auditing the bills, she has to provide necessary data support for sales or other department. She always worked extra hours to deal with piles of bills after others have go back home. Xiao Song has not complained about this, “This is just my job.”

Besides leaving late, she comes to work early, not by chance but everyday. She made it. If there is no her pleasant greetings in the morning, colleagues will worry about whether she is ill.

Overwork will influence our emotions, but Xiao Song is well known for her good manner. Accounting personnel must insist on principles, so there is always conflict or misunderstanding other departments. Despite the bad attitude of other departments, Xiao Song always holds her smiles, patiently listens to the suggestions of sales personnel and discusses the solutions. To make prompt delivery, she could wait hours to sign a delivery order; to issue the urgently-needed VAT invoice, she comes first in font of invoice machine in the earliest morning. She understands our common goal is development of Sinochem.

“Because I am a Sinochem employee.” Words of Xiao Song gave the best explanation for her hard work.

There are quite a lot of arduous employees like Xiao Song in Sinochem, because we all believe that our hard work will become a colorful light beneath the sun.