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Sinochem Ningbo Achieved “May Day National Labor Medal”

Date:2006-05-13 Source:

On the eve of May Day, our holding subsidiary-Sinochem Ningbo (Group) Co., Ltd. was granted a “May Day National Labor Medal” by All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

In recent years, Sinochem Ningbo sticks to the conception of “High Performance, People First, Innovation” and strives to improve core competitivity and continuously improve management level and maintain a rapid, healthy and sustainable development, with the turnover and profits ranking the top for continuous years. They are engaged to return the society and shareholders with outstanding performance and make more contribution to the country.

In the strategy of promoting enterprise development, Sinochem Ningbo places equal emphasis on material and ethical progress, strengthens the construction of leadership and leading party and gives full play to the pioneering function of leading party members through the work of “complying with standards and creating four excellences”. There have emerged a group of advanced individuals such as Shan Mengchun, “Labor Model of Central Enterprise” and “Top 10 Outstanding Youth of Central Enterprise”, and Ban Yan, “Women Model of Central Enterprise”.

Sinochem Ningbo actively stimulates the activity and creativity of employees and created conditions for employees to use their intelligence and improve professional competence in many ways. Sinochem Ningbo provided favorable life and welfare security for the employees and constructed a harmonious environment of “retaining heart”, making employees feel the work pressure and family warmness. The employees consciously protect the profits and image of company and improve the consciousness as an owner, inputting strong spiritual power for the rapid growth of enterprise.