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Beautiful Life

Date:2006-06-20 Source:

--About Ban Yan, General Manager of Pharmaceutical Department of Sinochem  Ningbo (Group) Co., Ltd.

The summer of 1996 is tense but promiseful in Ban Yan’s memory. From graduation to work, from campus to society, from Shenyang to Ningbo……, she had no chance to rest. To a then-graduate in her early 20s, everything seems strange to Ban Yan, but she chose Sinochem Ningbo without hesitation, “I made the decision just for the dream of career success.”

The spring of 2006 brought excitement and pride for Ban Yan. When she received “Woman Pacesetter” prize n The Great Hall of the People, tears of happiness and joy make her look more beautiful. Over the past 10 years’ efforts, she had experienced every taste of life. She was gratified despite the hard and tired work, because its career dream is being realized in Sinochem Ningbo.

In the flowery ages from 20s to 30s, Ban Yan is growing from a green fresh from the school to the General Manager of General Manager of Pharmaceutical Department of Sinochem Ningbo (Group) Co., Ltd. She composed a beautiful modern woman’s life with the spirits of commitment to work, innovation and selfless dedication.

Ten Years’ Passion

Ten years ago, Ban Yan graduated from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and came to Sinochem Ningbo. She boned up on import and export knowledge and consulted senior colleagues, devoting all the passion into work. She grasped foreign trade skills in a short period and rapidly grew into backbone personnel of company. After Ban Yan became the General Manager of Pharmaceutical Department, her passion for work has not faded away with time. On the contrary, her timetable is more crowded by department management, market development, business contacts…

During the decade’s efforts, work has become an undividable part of her life and she has never complained. For the reason of work, Ban Yan always went to other cities to look for good supplies. It is quite common that she takes the first bus for 7 or 8 hours to visit the factories in Subei and check product quality and has to rush back to company to prepare materials. In the evening, she has to confirm orders with foreign customers and it is dawn of the second day when she arrives home in a state of exhaustion.

The hard work was widely recognized around the company. The colleague responsible for sending snack will leave two more bread for Ban Yan every afternoon and he says, “Ms. Ban worked too hard and always stayed up late. ”Iron Lady” won’t stand. The security clerk in the office building also admires her dedication, “Ms Ban in Sinochem worked overtime every day and she is the latest to leave in the building.”

Keeping the State of “Conducting Career”

Ban Yan believes that satisfaction of the current status is just a state of “work” and only persistent pursuit of “new subject and excellence” is the state of “Conducting Career”.

Ban Yan did as she has said. She worked in the state of “Conducting Career”, leading the Pharmaceutical Department make expansion and continuously achieved outstanding successes in medicine import and export. Despite only more than ten members, Ban’s department realized a turnover topping 100 million US dollars. When it comes to the reason behind the achievements, Ban Yan always attributed to her colleagues “every one of us is elite creating 10 million US dollars.”

Despite the achievements, Ban Yan has never ceased her efforts to pursue new subjects. Due to the soaring price of raw materials, suppliers all increase the quotation since this year, and the appreciation of RMB also intensified the pressure on such foreign trade companies like Subject, she put forward the measures and ensured the normal business volume. She often urges the department members to innovate with the transpiration of good supplies, price and channels as international trade is developing.

Outstanding work performance and the dedication spirit have multiplied her worthiness. She has declined the offer of high pay from some privately owned pharmaceutical enterprises. She said, “Sinochem provided wide development space. We pull together with care and support from leaders and colleagues. I desire to conduct a career here.

“Class President”

Ban Yan make is very easy to approach for every member in the department. Besides, her surname is “Ban” (pronunciation is similar with “class” in Chinese), so she was always named “President”. As the “president” of a class, Ban Yan has led everybody to team up and made marked achievements.

Ban Yan always said “Many hands make light work. Invincible position in intense competition could be maintained by team coordination only. She will arrange an old employee to help a new employee in order to help them adapt to the new work environment. She also passes her experiences to the new employees without any reservation. Some people said she was stupid, but she thought the team will be more powerful and climb to a greater height if a team member could grasp the skills.

Under the leadership of “President of the Class” Ban Yan, the pharmaceutical department worked together with one heart and the new employees made rapid growth with the help of old employees. Over the past years, the pharmaceutical department has established a good reputation in foreign trade of medicines both at home and abroad with their excellent services and qualities. Many world famous pharmaceutical companies have forged close business ties with Sinochem Ningbo. Sinochem Ningbo has ranked among top medicine exporters in China and its preparation products have taken the lead. Her pharmaceutical department has been named “Advanced Collectivity of the Group” for many times.

Strong “Backup”

As a team leader and pioneer, Ban Yan is no doubt among the excellent. As a wife and mother, she feels deeply regretful for her husband and daughter.

Once Ban Yan came back home from one week’s business trip, her husband had prepared her favorite food and her daughter imitated the TV advertisement to present a basin of hot washing water. On the moment her face was bathed in tears.

“I hope a career success, but as a women I know I must give attention to my family, and I must give up more. I am really thankful to my husband and daughter, who are very tolerant.” Ban Yan expressed her gratitude in the deep heart to his family in New Year Party.

As to the future, Ban Yan revealed her true feelings, “I will do my best to conduct my career and strive for a higher goal. Meanwhile, I will try to be a good mother and wife, because my happiness also belongs to my family.”

In the prospect of future, Ban Yan will continue to compose her beautiful life.