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Ordinary and Extraordinary

Date:2011-09-29 Source:Sinochem E&P

By Chen Yalun

When he was counting down the birth date of his son on a day in February as an expectant father, he was informed that he would be assigned to Brazil for the demand of work. He went to Brazil missing the first cry of his little son upon his arrival in this world. When he dutifully finished his work for the day and went back to his lodging with excitation, his little baby was sleeping on the other end of the telephone and on the other side of the world.

She is mother to a three-year old child. When the sun in Dubai was parching the prosperous city, she was working busily with her colleagues, paying attention to each data and detail. Sometimes, she checked a form again and again forgetting the closing time. When she was still working in the office deep at night, the pure smile of her son flickered on the screen of her computer and her son asked why she had not come back to home.

She has worked in the company for several years, and she likes her job as well as atmosphere here. As needed by work, she has to travel to and fro between Beijing-Amsterdam-Quito, and the accumulative length of her flights almost equals to a journey around the earth. Even thirteen hours’ time difference and tiring flight could not stop her enthusiasm about work. She said it was wonderful to be able to enjoy more scenery all the way. You may see her waiting for a transfer flight at the Amsterdam Airport. Once a time she had such a sound sleep at the airport that she was unsure where she was when she came awake.

He is young and promising, and often rewarded by the company for his hard work and excellent performance, which make him become an example for colleagues who came to the company later than him. He works so hard that he may forget eating and time. At five o’clock on the morning of the day, he did not notice the birthday gift his colleagues left on his desk until he submitted the feasibility study report he just finished, and then it suddenly occurred to him that the past day was his 30th birthday.

In Sinochem Petroleum Exploration & Production Co., Ltd.(Sinochem E&P), there are many excellent employees such as him and her. They are common people and their stories are not capable of evoking praises and tears, but there is always an image that may touch you. What the kind of spiritual force driving the team to work hard?

It is their professional dedication and sense of responsibility.

Such professional dedication and sense of responsibility are reflected not only on the calligraphy work entitled “Respect Our Work and Love Our Company” on the wall of the company, not only in the room of the eighth floor of the Middle Tower of Beijing Chemsunny World Trade Center shone bright by lighting at the Chang An Avenue at night, but also on each staff of Sinochem E&P.

Take her as an example. When she had to pick up her kid at the primary school and the teleconference will be held at 22:00 with no time difference, she brought her kid to the office asking the kid to do homework alone and then rushed to the meeting room for the teleconference.

Also take him as an example. He has kept the habit of coming to the company at 7:00 am for six years. When his colleagues come to their posts at 8:30 am, he has dealt with all emails and assigned their tasks, enabling related colleagues to start work once they come to the office.

One additional example is the one who got married in autumn and had to leave for Colombia before winter. He has never complained about the company’s arrangement characterized by “going wherever one is assigned to”. If you ask him why, he would smile and tell you that “This is the way everyone is working, and there are many colleagues who have more important matters than me.”

It is their professional attitude.

Such professional attitude is reflected not only in their hot discussions in technical meetings, not only in report forms and document they submit, but also in many details you may not get to see.

There is she who, despite majoring in well logging, has exceptional performance in economic evaluation with her superb professional quality and realistic and practical spirit. She sticks to professional ethics, never caters to anyone deliberately and insists the principle of “no data, no talk.”

There is he, a “born accountant” and “encyclopedia” in the eyes of his colleagues. Someone said that “When we have him with us, we feel that we can find a solution for whatever kind of problems,” and some other said that “He is perfect with excellent techniques, computer applications and English proficiency!”

It is their persistence in never giving up.

Their spirit of never giving up makes people feel that they are really lovely and respectable. They do not give up easily when coming across problems and even if the sky should fall. They will hold on to the last once they start doing something. Such spirit is reflected in their most common and even onerous and trivial work.

Take for example the negotiating group for the Brazil project, which moved the buyer with their professional dedication and quality, persistent spirit and sincerity. In four days, they shuttled between their lodging rooms and the negotiation meeting room and even found no time to leave the hotel.

There was also another team who sat in a conference room in Bagdad for a tender meeting. Outside the wall of one meter thick, fragments of bullets flew in all directions and muffled rumpling explosive sounds came into the room now and then. As the telephone line did not work well under bad communication conditions, they wrote one after another text messages to communicate with the headquarters. They were not saint or heroes who gave no thought to personal safety. They also had moments of being scared and thus, they said for fun that “Finally, we returned to the earth” after they left Iraq.

They are not saints, so they also have laughter and tears, love and hate. They will hum a tune when working and sometimes, they will complain about having to work overtime. They also have aged parents and young kids to take care of; and the reason why they work hard and overcome all kinds of difficulties is to offer better living conditions for them. Perhaps they could not be with them all the time due to the demand of work, but they say that “To teach to fish is better than to give a fish.” They would like their children to find their virtues and to be what they are.

You may wonder why you could not find their names after finishing their stories, and that is because they share a common name, i.e. staff of Sinochem E&P.