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Hardworking®Dedicating®Learning——Li Chunyu, Outstanding Party Member of Sinochem Group

Date:2012-02-16 Source:Sinochem E&P

By Ao Peng

He stays overseas dedicating himself to work; he is a fast learner and is strongly motivated to learn new knowledge and keep up with the times; he practices the corporate culture and sticks with the spirit of “hardworking, dedicating and learning”. —His name is Li Chunyu.

Fulfilling and Hardworking

Fulfilling and hardworking, Li Chunyu has strong sense of responsibility and mission, and has for many times successfully completed the assigned tasks. The 16 regions of Ecuador that he is in charge of have surpassed the assigned quota of crude oil output for four consecutive years, and the expense and capital investment have been put under effective control.

In August 2010, the company initiated negotiations on the extended contracting of the 16 regions in Ecuador. According to the work division, Li Chunyu was responsible for supportive work including tracking negotiation progress, liaison and coordination, details clarification and implementation, etc. Li Chunyu was well aware that his job, so called “nature,” was crucial to the success of the negotiations, as any mistake in data or unclear situation would cause immeasurable losses. As such, he promptly collected information about the governments and partners, kept track of the progress of negotiations between other foreign petroleum companies and Ecuador, maintained close contact with operator Repsol and partner Chinese Petroleum Corporation (Taiwan), and kept the negotiation team informed of any progress or new situation. All these contributed to the final success of the negotiation task based on right decision-making.

Dedicating and Selfless

Li Chunyu has an influential spirit—persevering, able to work under pressure, and dedicating. He never says no to severe environment or harsh conditions. He never complains, rather, he dedicates himself to his work wholeheartedly. After 2009, with rapid expansion of the company’s overseas business, two employees were transferred away from Ecuador and only Li Chunyu stayed there working for the 16 regions. Faced with the huge challenges and hardships, he did not hesitate or step back. Instead, he conquered difficulties with great patience and perseverance and managed to carry on work smoothly, and finally successfully finished the negotiations.

Quick-Learner, Keeping up with the Times

Over the years, Li Chunyu has kept a good habit of continuous learning. He constantly refines his goals according to the varying work content and upgrades his work-related knowledge to better fulfill his responsibilities. As an active learner, he has extended his knowledge in general management, law, finance, auditing, and crude oil sales among other areas, and thus has seen strengthening comprehensive qualifications and capacities. Through continuous learning and accumulation, on the one hand, he has become more expert at oil reserves, production and ground facilities; on the other hand, he has developed his own understanding of project-related knowledge in finance and law. As such, he transferred himself from being a pure technician to a manager. With persevering learning spirit and profound and extensive knowledge base, he has seen more effective progress in actual work.

As an overseas staff of the company, Li Chunyu is more an outstanding cultural communicator with high recognition and deep understanding of the corporate culture. When working overseas, he proactively promotes the culture of Sinochem Group. His efforts have won him respect and recognition from the operators and partners, and in particular, have won respect and trust for Sinochem Petroleum Exploration & Production Co., Ltd.