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Paying Tribute to Homeland with Achievements in Rubber

Date:2012-04-27 Source:Sinochem International

By Yan Leilun

“Let blazing fire of youth burn eternity, let lightning of life flash across the sky, let us exchange time with all passions, let young dreams have no end”—These lines in the novel Youth in a Blazing Fire express Wang Zhicheng’s faith in taking root in the rubber industry and breaking new ground.
Wang Zhicheng, born in 1953 as a Chinese Malaysian, is a senior expert with Sinochem Group and now assumes Deputy General Manager of the Rubber Department of Sinochem International. He is an entrepreneur bold in innovations and pioneering work, and more importantly a dedicated rubber expert, which all originate from his social responsibility conscience and persistent pursuit of the rubber cause.

Carving out by Hard Work and with Unshaken Resolution

When he was 22 years old, Mr. Wang Zhicheng took up the post of Manager of Shennamei, a British agriculture group. In 1983, he was accredited to Libya in West Africa, and returned to China and stayed in Hainan in 1994. At that time, the working conditions on Hainan Island were difficult, as most areas were “tundra” without basic industrial environment and system although it had been ten years since the reform and opening-up to the outside world. Thus, one could image the difficulties in establishing an enterprise and starting a factory in such a harsh environment. With extraordinary courage and insight, unique operation and management methods and creative thinking, he overcame numerous difficulties and led the enterprise to develop toward normalization. Under his leadership, Hainan Anlian Rubber Development Co., Ltd. was set up in May, 1995 in cooperation with Anneng of the United States, which had been the first natural rubber processing enterprise of a Sino-foreign joint venture nature. In April of 2007, Hainan Sinochem Success Trust Rubber Co., Ltd. was incorporated, which turned the company into a Sino-foreign joint venture and made Wang Zhicheng a member of the great family of Sinochem Group.

Over the years, Wang Zhicheng has adhered to the ideas of striving for survival on the basis of quality and pursuing development on the basis of expansion, pushing forward continuous expansion of the enterprise. By 2011, the company had reached registered capital of RMB60 million and total assets of RMB120 million, including RMB58 million of fixed assets. At the same time, the company’s plant zone had covered a floor area of 85,420 square meters with 20,976 square meters’ plant area. The plant had five production lines with an annual dry glue output of 75,000 tons. Now, the enterprise is gradually moving toward the road of normal and rapid development and becoming one of the largest natural rubber production and operation enterprises in Hainan.

Bold in Exploration to improve Chinese Rubber Products

With unity and practical work as his leadership principles, Wang Zhicheng led his teams to forge ahead with determination, make brave innovations, conform to trends of reform, keep improving the enterprise system and perfect internal operation and management mechanism. With his efforts, rubber production equipment, technical processes and professional rubber processing management experience were introduced from Malaysia, which enhanced rubber processing level and product quality in Hainan. Moreover, he has developed in succession TSR5, TSR9710 and TSR10CV series of products with his teams and applied for the patent for “the technology of producing TSR9710 rubber with sheet rubber as raw materials”. With guaranteed production technology, TSR5, TSR9710 and TSR20 as well as other products are favored by domestic and foreign customers, greatly improving the grade of Chinese rubber products and strengthening competitiveness of homebred natural rubber.

"After giving rose to others, fragrance remains in the hands.” Wang Zhicheng who has been engaged in the rubber industry for almost three decades has worked with might and main and dedicated his youth to the industry. The change from a young pal at the beginning to a man close on sixty years of age nowadays is an embodiment of his love for rubber and his affection to the motherland. With a dedicated heart and an indebted attitude, Wang Zhicheng sprinkles sweat and harvests joys on his career path. He has played a sound stimulating role in Chinese rubber processing industry and made outstanding contributions to the natural rubber industry in terms of rubber product research and development as well as processing technology innovation.

“Although the way stretches endless ahead, I will keep seeking my heart’s desire.” In the face of new demands and higher requirements of the future natural rubber market, Wang Zhicheng keeps thinking, blazing new trails and forging ahead. He has devoted most of his energy to his endearing work, making silent and selfless contributions in the rubber world and making the dreams in his heart come true with practical actions.