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Faith in Heart —About Lv Wen, Advanced Worker of Sinochem Group, Deputy Economic Manager of Sinochem Shanghai, and Director for the European Region

Date:2012-07-27 Source:Sinochem,Shanghai

By Diao Lujia

With the flight of time, Lv Wen has worked diligently for about 35 years in the pesticide industry. Despite passage of years, her love for the industry and her passions for the company are the same as before. Although she has come to leadership posts, she still insists coming to the office for work earlier than any other employee. She is always enthusiastic and energetic, and she often says that “This is my faith that advancement of the company serves the momentum for my life.”
Work Hard to Fulfill Her Missions

Upon her graduation from the English Language Department of Tsinghua University in 1977, Lv Wen came to work with Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry. She was ever engaged in English teaching, documentation translation and magazine editing with impressive performance. Due to her major, she had more opportunities to have contact with foreign affairs, and undertook negotiation interpretation of the Shenyang institute with foreign experts. Translation and interpretation broadened her horizons, which together with long-term influence of the pesticide knowledge and her love for and continuous study of the industry, led her to form her own unique opinions on the pesticide industry. At the moment when the Shenyang institute vigorously developed its international trade, she took up the heavy responsibility without hesitation.

All things are difficult before they are easy. As a founder and steerswoman of the department, she underwent great hardships common people could not imagine in promoting fast growth of the company’s international trade and developing business out of nothing. She familiarized herself with products, hunted customers, cultivated the team and expanded the department to include more than 10 members from the initial one or two members. She led the department to tide over the hard times of no business and realize sales revenue of RMB 400-500 million, outperforming the sales tasks for many times. People often joke that “No matter how many the sales tasks are, the team led by Lv Wen could always outdo them.” However, no one knows how many efforts there are behind the myth.

Forge ahead and Make Unremitting Efforts

With the establishment of the agricultural and chemical center of Sinochem Group and in the process of subsequent integration of pesticide business, she was appointed new missions as Deputy Economic Manager of Sinochem Shanghai and Director for the European Region. With more responsibilities, she felt that new challenging objectives were encouraging her to “Do better and become stronger no matter how hard the way is.”

After that, she comes to her office even earlier than before and deals with new emails before others come to work. She makes more business travels and almost spends half a year in travelling. She makes detailed arrangement of her travel time in order to visit more customers in the limited time. She often visits three customers a day and sometimes, keeps paying intensified visits for half a month to a month.

She often says that “Business is around customers, either in the process of visiting them or on the way to visit them.” Influenced by her, the business personnel also take their initiatives to visit customers and keep on good terms with them. Industrial peers usually praise her for her working enthusiasm and work style with their thumbs up. Under her leadership, her team has undertaken the great responsibility of making their business bigger and stronger.

Construct Teams by Teaching Them to Work

She turns her team a family, where all team members help and tolerate each other and grow together. This is their team spirit and team culture. A cheerful working atmosphere with vigor can never be achieved by money or any other thing of value, and she, a communist, is the creator of this.

She teaches her personnel how to work and even helps them plan for future. Such efforts she makes move every one. She treats them as if they were her children, as she will lead them to participate in activities to strengthen their relationships and relieve their pressure from work. She even cares about family members of her personnel and assists personnel in difficult times in coping with troubles in their life.

To enhance the professional qualities of her team, she attaches great importance to personnel training. For this, she arranges specialists to give lectures that range from pesticide knowledge to communication skills, and organizes regular meetings requiring each other to put forward doubts, exchange their ideas, speak their minds freely and make common progress.

Under her leadership, the first department for the European region has been rated as the star department for many months as well as the star business department for the first quarter of 2011. The whole team has a clear assignment of duties and responsibilities and brims with passions. Every member is bold in taking over any kind of work and willing to render selfless services. Everyone has a strong sense of ownership and will offer to help others with everything in relation to work.