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A Pesticide Expert from India

Date:2013-10-29 Source:Sinochem Int'l

By Shao Hua, Shi Wenxia, and Hou Qi

“I have been to the ancient Great Wall and was deeply moved by its splendid view. I love China and the Chinese culture!” When talking about China, Bernard, an Indian guy, always showed his friendliness and love towards China. He smiled, full of hope and confidence about his life in Sinochem International. Bernard is Manager of Indian Branch, Agrochemical Department of Sinochem International.

Having worked in Monsanto for many years, Bernard knew the pesticide industry quite well. He conducted training for farmers, worked as sales manager and supervised the manufacture of pesticide, thus expanding his business widely and accumulating abundant experience. All these factors contributed to helping him establish his own global sales network. “Ramil, my former colleague in Monsanto, invited me several times to work for Sinochem Group when the company was in negotiation with Monsanto in 2008. I gladly accepted his invitation, so as to better serve farmers with my knowledge and experience in pesticide industry and help this promising enterprise. So, I joined this big company.”

When asked about the Sinochem Group, Bernard said that he was impressed by the people-oriented enterprise culture. “Sinochem Group respects its employees and is willing to invest in their ability training. In Sinochem Group, young employees can grow together with the company. I am very proud to be a member of this big family.” He was also impressed by the company’s quick decision-making process and response to the market. According to him, in addition to the quantity of projects, Sinochem Group also paid attention to the high standard and strict requirements for the operation.

"For example, a good leader, in my eyes, is one who discusses issues with his subordinates regularly for effective communication and passes on his work plan to them. Leaders in Sinochem Group are doing quite well in this aspect.” In his opinions, leaders here worked efficiently and were devoted to getting things done, so he had a very pleasant cooperation with them. “It is easy for me to develop a harmonious relationship with my colleagues and to understand them easily. I like and appreciate the way they work where everyone has clearly defined his/her own key work and career planning. They will greet you with a big smile when meeting each other. The work environment here is really enjoyable.”

Talking about the future of Sinochem Group, Bernard held that it is a promising company with bright prospects. “Every project of Sinochem Group is full of opportunities with the joint work of visionary leaders and outstanding employees. Coupled with clear long-term development goals, relatively complete production lines and a quite mature sales system, the company has made impressive achievements in recent years with all business gaining great progress. Sinochem Group has improved a lot since 2008 when I joined in the company.” Just as if he was talking about his own development, Bernard spoke confidently and excitedly about the achievements of Sinochem Group, demonstrating his persistent dedication to the company. Though from India, Bernard had a deep attachment towards this Chinese company.

Bernard hoped that he could bring his wife to China for visits as soon as possible. “My wife gives me great support for my current job and she is so proud of me for working in such a giant Chinese company that she has told almost all of her friends. If I get an opportunity, I will bring her to China to visit Shanghai and Beijing, to appreciate the grand beauty of China.”