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Chief Steward in Charge of the Rubber Plantation in Cameroon

Date:2013-09-06 Source:Sinochem Group

By Shao Hua, Shi Wenxia and Rick Goh

Mr. Rajasegar M., the incumbent CEO of Cameroon Branch of GMG under Sinochem International, is no stranger to me before I met him in person, as he was a well-known tycoon in rubber sector. As expected, the 1.8-meter-high man seems tall and strong with shining dark skin. The authority and dignity of a big boss can be easily sensed from his uninhibited and delightful laughter and the cheerful and humorous talk with him.

"I grew up in a traditional merchant family. My grandfather had lived in southern part of UK before he settled down in south India with his family. My father was a teacher. I served my first job in London after my graduation from university. This is me!” Talking with Rajasegar is just like chatting with an old friend, easy, close, relaxing and without estrangement. Always wearing a confident smile, Rajasegar was eloquent to have a talk and make free comments for each problem I proposed to him with great ease. “I love to run rubber plantation and have accumulated much experience in this field.” To him, serving as Chief Steward of the rubber plantation in Cameroon not only serves as his career choice, but also caters to his natural calling of interest.

“I have been engaged in rubber plantation and sales for more than ten years, mainly responsible for the operation of rubber plantation and related duties. As one of the top 500 enterprises in the world, Sinochem Group operates with a wide business scope and complicated industrial chain. In comparison, the working scope and content I was involved in before appear much narrower. Working for Sinochem Group poses a greater challenge than I have faced with in other companies during my career life. The organizational structure of the Group is just too huge!” Yet Rajasegar felt delighted to find all these new discoveries about Sinochem Group since he had deeper faith in its strength. Though a new comer to Sinochem Group, Rajasegar was delightfully impressed with the work style of Sinochem Group and enjoyed the position the Group offered to him. “I have colleagues from China, Malaysia, India and Africa in Sincochem Group. Though it is the first time I have worked for a Chinese enterprise, Chinese bosses here leave me with favorable impressions. Our cooperation is quite pleasing in general.”

"GMG’s plantation of Sinochem International will definitely enjoy a leap-forward development in Cameroon on the African continent!” In Rajasegar’s opinion, Africa is a hot land for advanced plantation economy thanks to its time-honored plantation foundation and traditionally unparalleled advantages. As CEO of Cameroon Branch of GMG under Sinochem International, Rajasegar has 15 years of first-hand experience in operation and management of plantation. Thus, he is in a position to deal with his current responsibilities with great ease. 

Rajasegar is a big fan of Chinese culture in his spare time. “I love reading, especially books on Chinese culture and history. China is endowed with long-standing brilliant history and culture and deserves thorough exploration and study.” According to him, Beijing and Shanghai, where he had ever visited, were both amazing windows to China’s ancient civilization from different angles though they were quite different from each other. At the thought of the two cosmopolises, Rajasegar commented with excitement: “Shanghai is an internationalized modern city, quite westernized in her mind-set and life style. It is a great city for work and life. Beijing also has its own strong flavors. It is the political, economic and cultural center of China. Given a chance, I would like to have a tour in Beijing again in the future.”