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A Veteran Active in Southeast Asia Agrochemical Market

Date:2013-10-28 Source:Sinochem Int'l

By Shao Hua, Shi Wenxia and Hou Qi

“The work rewards me with a sense of satisfaction. Time is flying fast and I have worked here for nearly 6 years”, Ramil,Deputy General Manager of the Agrochemical Department of Sinochem International said smilingly. Not high in stature, the thin guy wore a pair of black framed spectacles and a colorful POLO shirt. At the first sight, I thought he might be a college student since he was somewhat scholarly in his behavior. “Agrochemical business gives me great opportunities to do things valuable for farmers. Meanwhile, serving in the Agrochemical Department for such a great company makes me confident for a brilliant career prospect.”

The beginning of his career in Sinochem Group still remained fresh in his memory. “To be frankly, I did not know Sinochem Group very well until I made full preparations for the interview. By then, I got to know Sinochem Group was a diversified international corporate with stable performance”, recalled Ramil. “I am glad to join in and grow together with Sinochem Group!” From his proud smile, we could feel his unusual enthusiasm for the big company. “When I told my wife I would work in Sinochem Group, she felt very proud of me”, disclosed the guy continually.

“As guided by the philosophy of People First, my colleagues in Sinochem Group always enjoy harmonious working relationship. Besides, Sinochem Group has a quick and efficient decision-making mechanism, which makes it distinguished from the companies I have worked for. As we know, each agrochemical product, after put into the market, needs to go through a long market operation period before it can stand out from countless rivals. During this process, we need to overcome lots of difficulties and problems. Only equipped with a mechanism which makes effective decisions in a timely manner, could such a huge international corporate keep up with the pace of market development.” Ramil’s unique views are attributed to his diversified career background in agrochemical industry. Before casting his sight to the whole Southeast Asia market, Ramil was a manager in charge of Sinochem Group’s agrochemical business in Philippines market only. With the agrochemical business of Sinochem Group gradually expanding to India, Ramil was willing to make extra contributions to the quickly-developing company. Based on his professional expertise and business experience, Ramil has done lots of down-to-earth work, ranging from selecting resumes to conducting visa procedures, for the Southeast Asia market. Out of his love for agrochemical industry, Ramil was always ready to go out of his way to help tap the new market with creative ideas and thoughtful services.

As for Ramil, 2008 turns out to be the most memorable year during his service for Sinochem Group. “Back then, when I was still a rookie in terms of enterprise management, I felt quite pressured by the tasks laid before me: to establish a brand new subsidiary and pave its way towards sound operation within a year with all the supporting services well in place, including staff training.” At first, Ramil thought it was simply an impossible mission. Later, he was deeply moved by his colleagues’ unyielding dedication in face of daunting challenges. “My Chinese colleagues impressed me a lot with their capability and determination to overcome difficulties!” Meanwhile, Ramil noted that his Chinese colleagues were quick-learners and within a very short time, they could gain a comprehensive understanding of the market, which fully reflected their superior professional qualities. According to Ramil, team spirit was another secret behind Sinochem Group’s success. When problems occurred, people in Sinochem Group would come together to explore the root reasons and possible solutions in an objective and thorough way with sober brain and upbeat spirit. “It is my pleasure to work with such an excellent team, isn’t it?” explained Ramil proudly.

“Sinochem Group will definitely embrace a brighter future. As one of the Fortune 500 companies, Sinochem Group has come to realize that, in addition to selling agrochemical products to farmers, what it should do urgently is to build a brand with global prominence. It is critical to the long term development of the company.” As a veteran in the Agrochemical Department of Sinochem International, Ramil once again impressed us with his wise remarks of far-reaching vision. Undoubtedly, what Ramil has learned about Sinochem Group is no less than Chinese staff have done.

In the end, Ramil disclosed that he was a big fan of Chinese culture. He had visited the Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors and Shanghai World Expo, and he also liked Chinese spicy food very much. “Oh, another special thing is that I saw snow in China for the first time in my life!” From his facial expressions, we could feel how upbeat the guy is when it comes to his new adventure in China.