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Incorporated in March, 2004, Sinochem Shandong Fertilizers Co., Ltd. is located in the Linyi Economic Development Zone, boasts a logistical advantage due to convenient transportation access, close to China’s biggest fertilizer consumption market and enjoys rich NPK compound fertilizer resources.

Sinochem Shandong Fertilizers Co., Ltd. has an NPK production capacity of 600,000 tons/year with two types of equipment. One is the Melting Granulation Equipment, adopting the Melting Tower Granulating Technology—one of the company’s own independent technologies and also the most advanced green NPK manufacturing technology by far in China which brings in high quality product with lower energy consumption or air pollution. The product is featured as round smooth granules, easy to resolve and with adjustable nutrient ratio. The granules are hollow and forgery-proof by nature.

The other type is the Spray Granulation Equipment, adopting the national technology of the “Spray Granulating Dryer with inside classification and inside material feeding functions” and can produce 15-15-15 general compound fertilizer. The convert technology is the “KCl Low Temperature Convert Process” recently developed on our own. All the fertilizer products developed by Sinochem-Shandong Fertilizer Co., Ltd. share “Sinochem” brand.

Sinochem Shandong Fertilizer Co., Ltd. adheres to the motto of “Serve the Chinese Farmers Heart and Soul”, providing high quality fertilizer and scientific integrated services for the farmers to promote the development of highly efficient agriculture in China.

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Address: Dongzong road,Economic DevelomentZone,Linyi, Shandong,China
Post code:276008