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Located in Hongshan District of Hubei Province, Hubei Sinochem & Orient Fertilizer Co., Ltd. was established in March 2002 by Sinochem Fertilizer Co., Ltd. and the Soil Fertilizer Working Station of Hubei Province.

With a production capacity of 60,000 tons/year of bulk blending fertilizer and 50,000 tons/year of organic/inorganic blending fertilizer and various kinds of special fertilizer, Hubei Sinochem & Orient Fertilizer Co., Ltd. is one of China’s leading “Sinochem” brand fertilizer manufacturer. Relying on Sinochem Fertilizer’s extensive coverage distribution network, Hubei Sinochem & Orient Fertilizer Co., Ltd. established sustained partnerships with distributors from Middle China, Southern China and Eastern China, became a competitive market player in the provinces ofHubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Henan, Anhui and enjoys a prominent reputation among the farmers.

Hubei Sinochem & Orient Fertilizer Co., Ltd. adheres to the motto of “Serve the Chinese Farmers Heart and Soul”, committed to promoting agricultural development with science and technology and servicing the customers with high reliability. Around two initiatives of “Formula Fertilizing” and “Green Fertilizing”, the company has integrated collaborations with the agricultural technology organizations at provincial, county or township levels, rolled out all-round agricultural inputs services including soil formula testing, element shortage diagnosis, fertilizing guidance, demos, science promotion, specialists lecturing, field instructions and fertilizing notification and provided a portfolio of fertilizing solutions and guidance.

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