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Located in the City of Yong’an of Fujian Province, Fujian Sinochem Zhisheng Fertilizer Co., Ltd. was founded in August, 2002.

With an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons, Fujian Sinochem Zhisheng Fertilizer Co., Ltd. is the largest high concentration NPK manufacturer of the province.We were introduced to high concentration NPK process and equipment from NORSK HYDRO ASA, adopted the world’s top-notch DCS Computer Control System, and have also been the first in China to apply urea solution and ammonium phosphate granulation technique.

Our NPK fertilizer contains all major nutrients and is highly efficient in enhancing the yields of the crops and the economic returns. Among others the potash sulfate compound fertilizer especially suits orchards, vegetables and tobacco. The product has gained wide popularity since it entered the market.

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Address: No.90 Banwei,Yongan,Fujian,China
Post code: 366013
Tel: 0086-598-3699383
Fax: 0086-598-3636543/3699350