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Founded in 2011,Sinochem Environment Holdings Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as “Sinochem Environment”)has became integrated business platform of Sinochem’s internal resources integrating, environmental protection industry developing and the country and people's livelihood serving. 

Sinochem Environment takes comprehensive environmental treatment of industrial park on itself and commits itself to becoming the country's leading integrated environment service provider in industrial environmental protection field as well as important link of governments' and industrial parks'  environmental protection work. Simultaneously Sinochem Environment helps the harmony between public industry and environment, man and nature.

As the unique window of environmental protection industry of Sinochem Group to the outside, Sinochem Environment exploits its advantages of state-owned enterprise to the full, aggregating key resources of technology, market and fund in industrial environmental protection field , innovating service mode, accelerating large-scale development of environmental protection business with two-wheel drive model of technology and capital. Sinochem Environment adheres to the excellent management concepts of Sinochem Group, innovates operations management modes, applies advanced management technology to ensure the operational effectiveness of environmental protection project and the promotion of environmental assets as well as embodying comprehensive benefits of environment treatment. 


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