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Sinochem International Tendering Co. Ltd. (“Sinochem Tendering” for short) was incorporated in June 1997 under the approval of the then MOFTEC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinochem Corporation dedicated to tendering, international trading and engineering project consulting.

Backed up by its parent company, Sinochem Tendering has achieved rapid growth and become one of the largest and most influential players in the sector, accredited with China’s highest qualifications for being “the A-Class International Tendering Organization”, “A-Class Tendering Agency”, “Government Procurement Agency of the PRC”. While serving as a bidding agency, Sinochem Tendering also provides services ranging from legal & financial consulting, financing, procurement, design, and construction management to technology and equipment importation. In 2006, Sinochem Tendering was accredited by the State General Administration of Customs as “AA-Class Importer & Exporter”.

Since its formation, Sinochem Tendering has participated in a number of the national key projects, entrusted by the clients including CSSC, CSIC, CASIC, CASC, CSR, CNR, Chalco and other big state-owned enterprises. The total magnitude of these projects has reached approximately RMB100 billion. Our professional practice has won credit from both the government ministries and the corporate clients and has been awarded as the one of “The Ten Most Embraced Tendering Agencies 2007” by ChinaBidding.COM and China International Business and as “The Most Tendering Agency 2007” by ChinaBidding.COM.CN.

In the business process management, Sinochem Tendering has adopted a internal control system with operational (front desk), commercial (middle desk) and financial (back desk) flows which are independent of, interdependent on and inter-supervising each other. We run SAP ERP solutions and have passed ISO9001:2000 quality control certification. With effective control on every business link, Sinochem Tendering guarantee its high quality services.

Embraced by a large number of professionals in tendering and international trading, Sinochem Tendering is dedicated to providing the quality services for our clients.

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